Laptop Service Specialist in

LCD Screen

In case of any crack or damage to the Laptop LCD screen, it is advised to replace it with a high quality new one from any of our service centres. Our fair pricing and unmatched service quality makes us the best in the b

Mother Board Repair/Replacement

Whether your Laptop mother board requires complex chip level repairing or component level repairing, our team of highly trained & experienced engineers will do it all for you. We are amongst the few ones to provide

Keyboard Repair / Replacement

We carry out the complete keyboard repair/replacement at our service centres for your Laptop with utmost care. Our high quality components will give you an original like experience.

Hard Disk Repair/Replacement

Our experts will take care of all the problems related to your Laptop hard disk. Whether it is a booting problem or operational problem, our engineers will take care of it.

Memory and Graphics Card Replacement

Your Laptop can have memory failure or you may just need to increase your Laptop memory, no need to worry, simply bring it to us & our service executives will be delighted to solve your problems.

Optical Drive Replacement

Your optical drive cannot read CD-R/RW media or any disc at all, our experts will eradicate the problems for your Laptop. We carry out the optical drive repair/replacement with utmost care for all Laptop.

Power Jack Replacement/Repair

You are not able to start your Laptop? Your Laptop is shutting down? Your Laptop is restarting again and again? It can happen due to a broken power jack. Our experts will identify the problem and rectify the same at ver

Inverter Repair/Replacement

We repair/ replace the Laptop laptop inverter as per the specific requirement depending upon case to case basis. Our fair pricing and fair evaluation makes us the best in the business.

Broken Hinge

Our service engineers will carefully remove your broken hinge and replace it with a very high quality one for your Laptop.